NP Krka and Kornati

NP Krka and Kornati

Two national parks, Krka and Kornati, with only 50km between them could not be more different.

The Kornati National Park

Average distance: 3,5 hour of boat ride

Kornati is an archipelago of 89 islands, isles and reefs (numbering in total 152 units) of incomparable beauty which offers the boaters the pleasure of sailing, the formidable sheer cliffs filling them with delight and awe in the same breath. Enchanted with their striking beauty, the famous writer George Bernard Shaw wrote one of the best descriptions of the Kornati: “On the last Day of Creation God wished to crown his work and he created Kornati out of tears, stars and breath”.

National Park Krka

Average distance: 40 km

krkaAmong the rivers in the Croatian karst Krka is for sure the most strange one. This river is known for its numerous waterfalls which, like those at Plitvice Lakes, were created through the sedimentation of a special form of limestone.

The park includes the larger part of the course of the River Krka, together with the neighbouring coastal area, from the historical town of Knin, near the river ‘s source, to Skradin, another historical town. Here after some magnificent waterfalls the river gradually wends its way into Lake Prukljansko and thereafter into the deep sea bay where the historical town of Sibenik is situated. The river partly flows through a deep canyon carved into a limestone plateau and partly forms lakes.

Among the numerous waterfalls of particular beauty are the Skradinski buk and the Roski slap between which the rivers forms a lake where is situated the Island of Visovac with its remarkable Fransiscan monastery.